Your first appointment

For your first appointment, please bring along the doctor’s prescription, a large towel, your health insurance card and – if there is one – the clinical report.
It is recommendable to arrive 5 to 10 minutes earlier for the appointments in order to make sure that no time for treatment will be lost and also to have some time to sort out organizational matters if necessary.

During the first appointment the physical therapist will try to get an overview of your afflictions and make some manual therapy tests if necessary. The purpose of this is to understand your individual afflictions in order to find out the reasons for your limited mobility and reduced resilience. In the following appointments these problems will be treated. With the help of functional exercises the therapist will aim to improve the resilience, mobility or the wound healing.
You are in the center and the method, technique and type of treatment will be adjusted to your needs.

So don’t forget:

  • the doctor’s prescription,
  • the health insurance card,
  • clinical reports,
  • a large towel.